Stephen Ministries

 The logo tells the story of our journey from brokenness to wholeness through the transforming power of the cross of Jesus. It serves as a simple reminder that it is not the Stephen Minister who restores a person to wholeness–rather, it is through the cross of Jesus that a person can be made whole.
Advent has participated in the Stephen Ministry Program for over five years.  Sue Peck and Linda Erwin currently serve as Stephen Leaders.  Individuals serving as Stephen Ministers who have been trained in care giving are Linda Erwin, Marge Greenwald, Susan Kreno, Jim Nussbaumer and Nort Seaman  While Pastors are on the "front lines" of care, especially during times of crisis, there are times when a person needs more ongoing, one-to-one care than a Pastor can provide.  Stephen Ministry provides a Biblical solution.  Gifted lay people are trained to support and extend the care that pastors continue to provide.  Stephen Ministers confidentially reach out with God's love to people who are hurting to both congregation members and nonmembers alike.  Common challenges faced by individuals for which a Stephen Minister may be helpful include:  loss of a loved one, medical issues, relationship issues, loss of job, aging, loneliness etc.  For more information about Stephen Ministry, and to view videos of care receivers who agreed to describe their experience, please click here:   Stephen Ministries

   Sue Peck Bio

Sue became a member of Advent in 1984, and she was trained as a Stephen Leader in Pittsburgh in August 2008.  She is the wife  of  Jim, mother of three grown children, and grandmother of Logan.  She has worked full time at Delaware County Assistance Office since 1978 and is currently a casework supervisor.  She has served on church council and her interests include bells, choir, and the Women’s Gathering in addition to Stephen Ministry.  She has helped to train Stephen Ministers, provide continuing education and supervision, and help  to build awareness of Stephen Ministry at Advent.

Linda Erwin Bio
Linda was commissioned as a Stephen Minster in April 2013 and attended the Leader’s Training Course in Pittsburgh PA in August 2013.  After 27 years in public service, she feels that God has called her to serve Him in this ministry.  She also serves him as a Communion Assistant, an Alter Guild member, and as a Greeter at Advent.  Linda is grateful to the Lord for her loving Christian parents.


Nort Seaman Bio

Since 1973 I have had the privilege of being with the Sunday School program, on and off, for about 30 years. The choir took me on when auditions were no longer required. I have been involved with the landscaping projects for many many years and have had the honor of serving on the Church Council. However the greatest gift I have received has been my training and service with the Stephen Ministry program.





Marge Greenwald Bio

I was born, lived and educated in Wisconsin. As a registered nurse served in the US Air Force. Married to Warren and we have three adult children and 4 grand children. Have been a member of Advent since 1995 and have been a part of the Altar Guild, Quilting, Bells, Adventurers. Hospitality, Communion Assistant and Assistant Minister ministries. After completing the Stephen Ministry course have had two clients and have visited "shut-in members" with communion.


Jim Nussbaumer
Jim was born in Backnang, Germany in April 1940.  From Germany he and his family moved to Argentina when he was about 11 years old before finally moving to the United States in 1956 where they first settled in Wynnewood, PA and then moved to West Chester.  Though semi-retired, Jim is kept very busy with his family of five children, four step-children and fifteen grandchildren.  Jim and his family have been members of Advent since about 1970.  He formerly served on church council and as church treasurer.
 Susan Kreno Bio
Susan has been at Advent since 1994. She has been in vocal & handbell choirs and participates in adult Bible study on Sunday morning. Susan is wife to David, mother of two daughters and is an IT Project Manager. Her Stephen Ministry motto comes from 2 Cor 1:4-5 "so that we may be able to console those who are in any also our consolation is abundant through Christ".
If you would like to talk confidentially to someone about receiving care, please email Sue Peck ( or Linda Erwin (