Scattering Garden

    Advent's Scattering Garden was created and dedicated October 2012 as the remains of Beth Offut were buried.  Beth served as the director of our Christian Education program for 15 years before her sudden death in 2010.  Since that time a number of members and family members of Advent have "scattered" the remains of their loved ones in this garden.  Cremation remains are actually either buried without a container or buried in biodegradable urn that is available through funeral homes. 
A record is maintained of those who are buried in a file in the church office.   There is no cost to have remains placed in the garden but a donation is appreciated.  
Our pastor would be glad to arrange a service with a variety of options to suit your needs.  Additionally, a permanent reminder may be purchased on the "Tree of Life" located in the Narthex (lobby) of the church.  Individual leaves cost $250 and they may be engraved with name/date and a short memento.  Proceeds benefit the
Scattering Garden Fund of Advent which is used to maintain and beautify nearly 4 acres of church grounds..  For information on purchasing a leaf, please call the church office at 610-436-0807 or e-mail Peggy Schmied at  Note that you may also purchase a leaf in memory of a loved one interred elsewhere as well.  An asterisk will note that the person's remains were not placed in our garden.