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            Pastor Chris                       Peggy - Church Administrator           Adult Sunday School  
        Choir Director             
           Chancel Choir                                Music Director                         Hand Bell Choir                        
          Youth Choir                                       Praise Band         
         Baking Bread                             Making Banner                         Setting the Lord's Table
       ---------------------                       First Communion Class                      ---------------------
               Baptism                                Children's Sermon                    Konnect with Kids Hike  
-------------  First Communion Oct 2013  ------------
Fall 2013 Confirmation Retreat  Fall 2013 Confirmation Retreat    Fall 2013 Confirmation Retreat
     Easter Sunday 2013                   Easter Sunday 2013                    Blessing of the Animals
 Easter Sunday 2013                   Easter Sunday 2013                        Easter Sunday 2013
Helping Clean Up After Hurricane Sandy, PA and NJ Lutheran Youth groups April 27 2013
Helping Clean Up After Hurricane Sandy, PA and NJ Lutheran Youth groups April 27 2013 
Advent vs Calgary Basketball                Pinwood Derby
ELCA Youth Gathering 2012    Youth Trip Fund Raising Breakfast   ELCA Youth Gathering 2012   
    Wildwood Youth Retreat           ELCA Youth Gathering 2012            Church View from Rt 352
    Kick Off Sunday B-B-Q                    Kick Off Sunday B-B-Q            Kick Off Sunday Praise Band  
        Sunday School                     Kick Off Sunday Bubble Bounce      Sunday School Mural Art Project              
      Church Side View                             Church at Dusk                      Sunday School Art Project
 Sunday School Registration               HIgh School Students                  Middle School Students
Sunday Schools Classes   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Pastor Chris Skateboarding       PJ Day at Advent