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Use your Credit/Debit Card or Checking/Savings account 
for one-time or recurring donations to Advent
Advent has contracted with Vanco Payment Solutions / e.Services for this contribution option. Using Vanco, you can setup an automatic charge to your credit/debit card or through automatic withdrawal from your checking/savings account. Either one-time or recurring donations can be done through the service. No checks are needed; it's all electronic! Once set up, Vanco automatically initiates a charge to your authorized account to Advent in an amount pre-determined by you, and on a time schedule/frequency that you establish. There is no additional cost to the contributor beyond the donation amount. Whether you are in-town or out-of-town, Vanco ensures that your contribution makes it to Advent right on schedule! For recurring contributions, you can modify the amount or schedule at any time by logging into the Vanco system.
Payments for retreats, such as Youth activities, are able to be paid on-line. Additional donations to specified ministries and appeals may also be paid on-line.

Advent pays a nominal fee to offer this service, which is more than offset by reduced administration expenses.
Getting started is easy! Just follow the step-by-step directions below:

Before you begin, you will need to have your credit/debit card or your checking/savings account information handy.

1. When you are ready to start, click the "Donate Now" button either below, or on our home page, and a new window will open with the Advent Online-Giving page on Vanco's website.
2. If you would like to set up an on-going profile to track contributions, click the "CREATE PROFILE" button on the right hand side of the screen, or proceed directly to step 8 without setting up a profile..
3. Enter a valid email address (twice for confirmation) and click the "CONTINUE" button.
4. Provide the requested information about yourself and choose a secure password. Make sure to follow the password rules shown to the right.
5. Write down your password for future reference. You will need your email address/password to log in to make future changes.
6. Click the "CREATE PROFILE" button when you are done. (You will receive an email confirmation)
7. Now click the "ADD TRANSACTION" button.
8. Enter a dollar amount next to the type of contribution you wish to make (e.g. 'General Fund' or 'Capital Fund').
9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose a "Donation Frequency'" from the drop-down box (one time,weekly or monthly).
10. Choose a "Start Date" for your recurring contribution by clicking on the calendar icon. NOTE: If you choose a weekend day or federal holiday, the amount will not be transferred until the following Business Day.
11. Click the "CONTINUE" button.
12. On the next page, choose your desired account type (Checking, Savings, Credit/Debit Card) from the check boxes.
13. Enter your account information as requested.
14. Review the information in the upper right hand corner for correctness.
15. Click the "PROCESS" button to schedule your contribution.
16. You will get a confirmation screen (which you should print for your records).
17. If you created a profile, you will also receive a confirmation email regarding the transaction you created. The email will contain web links for returning to the Vanco website and logging in to make any future changes you wish.
18. Your regular contribution will be noted on your bank statement as "Advent Lutheran Church".
19. The financial secretary MUST have a hard copy for the initial setup of the account, including either a voided check or the credit card information.
20: If the member changes the source of the donation (checking acct to credit card), another hard copy request is required.
21: For changes to the amount, a signed note is required, so that there is a hard copy signature on the request. A new form is not required for this.
Click here for Simply Giving form : Simply Giving Form

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FAQS - Online-Giving
Q. What is online-giving?
A. Online-Giving is a direct paperless debit/payment transaction whereby your contribution is deducted electronically from your bank checking or savings account or charged directly to your credit/debit card account.
Q. What are the advantages of online-giving?
A. It is a simple and convenient way to easily fulfill stewardship commitments and support the ministries of Advent, even when you can’t attend church. It provides not only a secure, paperless and convenient option, but allows you to establish a disciplined giving pattern. You may never have to bring cash or checks to church again!
Q. When will my contributions be deducted from my account?
A. Your electronic contribution will be debited on the date you specify. 
Q. How secure is my online donation?
A. At Advent, we are serious about maintaining the confidentiality of your personalized financial information. Your online donation request is submitted in encrypted form to ensure confidentiality through a secure website. Encryption obscures sensitive information to make it unreadable to those not intended to receive it. Vanco Payment Solutions is a PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider, which is to say they use the most secure and up-to-date data management systems.
Q. Can I change my donation amount, frequency, bank account information, credit card expiration date, or any other online giving option once I’ve established a recurring donation?
A. Yes, these services are available with the Online-Giving program.
Q. Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made a contribution?
A. Your bank statement will provide you an itemized list of any electronic transactions and your donations will be summarized on your regular giving statements prepared by our Financial Secretary.
Q. Do I receive a confirmation receipt?
A. Yes. A confirmation page with a message appears after a donation or payment is submitted. For individuals who have set up a profile allowing them to manage their own transaction activity, Vanco automatically sends an email confirming all changes made to their payment plan or personal profile.
Q. How do I sign up for electronic giving?
A. You can set up the donation yourself online through our website and click on the Donate Now button on the Home Page or clicking the Online-Giving tab to navigate to this page then click on the Donate Now button above.
Q. What is supported through the General Fund?
A. The General fund supports all aspects of Advent's mission to Worship, Invite, Nurture and Serve. It pays for budget items such as salaries, worship, and Christian education resources, building mortgage and utilities/insurance/maintenance, support of the synod, and outreach.
Q. What is supported through the Capital Fund?
A. The Capital fund supports needed infrastructure repairs such as for the new heater and other major projects.
Q. Can I try out the online giving service by giving one time?
A. Yes. You may try Online-Giving by selecting “One Time” in the frequency drop down box during the signup process. You will see how easy and convenient the process really is.
Q. How do I participate in the weekly offering if my contribution is automatically deducted from my banking account or is charged to my credit/debit card account?
A. If you wish, you may write “I’m giving online” on your offering envelope and place it in the offering plate, but it is not necessary.
Q. What credit cards are accepted?
A. We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Please keep in mind that credit card acceptance is for your convenience. Advent promotes sound financial management and does not encourage anyone to enter into debt in order to make a contribution. We suggest this option not be used unless you plan to pay off your credit card balances in full each month.
Q. Is there more detailed information available on Advent's On-line Giving program?
A. Yes, click here to view more in-depth details on the program.   On Line Giving Announcement
Q. If I have more questions?
A. If you have questions about Online-Giving, email Church Administrator Jenn Miller at with your questions.
Q. Who is Vanco Services?
A. Vanco Payment Solutions, LLC, is our on line giving service provider. Vanco is a financial technology service company that provides electronic funds transfer services to over 11,000 churches nationwide. Information received by Vanco is processed in a secure, confidential environment. Vanco is recommended by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) as an Online-Giving vendor. As an ELCA church, Advent receives a discount from Vanco for these services.
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