Frequently Asked Questions
Will I be able to receive communion at Advent?
As this is the Lord's Table, all who wish to follow Jesus are welcome to receive the Sacrament of Holy Communion, regardless of denomination. Children who have not yet received instruction are welcome to come forward to receive a blessing. We offer red wine and white grape juice for the receiving of the wine at the table.
Is the church air conditioned?
Is there convenient parking?
Yes, the ample church parking lot is right next to the building.

Is Advent handicapped accessible?

Yes, All areas of the facilities are handicap accessible, except the second floor Youth Room.
Are guests welcome to attend Advent?
Guests are always welcome at Advent.  Guests are invited to sign our guest register in the church lobby. Please feel free to introduce yourself to Pastor Chris.  Information bags for our guests are on the table by our guest book.  We invite you to take a bag home. Please feel free to call the church office with any questions at 610-436-0807.
Do you provide childcare?
Yes! It is wonderful when children worship with their parents or guardians. Children are invited forward for a message each Sunday, before the sermon, and they receive a "children's bulletin" with activities related to the day's Bible reading(s). Activity bags are also available for younger children. Advent also provides a professionally-staffed nursery during worship. Parents may leave children through age 6 in the nursery during part or all of the worship service. The Nursery is also provided during the Sunday School hour (September through May) to enable parents of younger children to have the freedom to participate in Sunday School, choir, etc.
What should I wear?
Some Christians get dressed up for worship, desiring to "put on their best for God", while others dress very casually, believing "God accepts us just as we are." Others vary how they dress, depending on what they have planned for the remainder of the day. Come as you wish, knowing God will simply be glad that you decided to come, regardless of what you are wearing.

What do Lutherans believe?
While Advent is a "Lutheran" church, we are Christians first who see ourselves as part of the "one holy catholic (Christian-the dictionary definition for "catholic" is universal) church." We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Their website, www.elca.org includes more information about "What we believe".  All of us who come to worship are on a faith journey, trying to better understand and relate to the living God made known to us in Jesus Christ.  
Will you baptize my child?
Our pastor would be honored to baptize your child. Baptisms are scheduled in consultation with our pastor and generally occur during a Sunday morning worship service. In Baptism, we believe a child becomes a member of the body of Christ, the church. Parents need to understand that the service for the Sacrament of Baptism includes parents making a commitment to raise their children in the Christian faith. Being an active part of a faith community is the best way to do that! Adults who have never been baptized are also welcome to be baptized.

How do you join Advent?
After you worship with us, if you feel that Advent is the place you would like to continue your faith journey, simply speak with our pastor. He will meet with you to tell you more about our mission and answer any questions you may have. Then if you wish to join, you will receive a sponsor who will stand with you during a part of the worship service as we confess our faith using the Apostles' Creed and we welcome you into our midst. Classes are not required to join. Our pastor can make various reading materials available as needed. Know that whether you are a member or not, you are welcome to participate in anything at Advent that is of interest. Membership is only required to serve on council, or fully participate in the annual meetings of the congregation.