B4/After School Care

Before/After School Care is for students who attend Pennwood Elementary School..
  • Before care begins as early as 7 AM and lasts until WCASD bus pick-up.
  • After care begins with WCASD bus drop off and lasts until as late as 6 PM
WCASD bus service is provided to Pennwood Elementary School. 
A Bus Stop Request must be filed with the school, click here for form: Bus Stop Request Form

Click here for more Penn Wood information:   Penn Wood Elementary

In addition to Kindergarten through 5th grade students attending WCASD's Pennwood elementary school, this program is also available for 4 and 5 year old children attending our Preschool Program.

Our program offers the advantage of a smaller number of students, with a maximum of 12 being served each day, enabling students to receive more one on one attention from our staff members. The AM program is largely organized free time in which participants will have a variety of supervised fun and learning activities in which to participate.

For the PM program, there will be a snack time and there will be a period of homework assistance followed by various organized play and recreational activities making use of our huge multi-purpose room, recreation room and fenced outdoor playground.

We believe it is beneficial for students to come to a different location for before and after school care. This better separates "before/after school time" from their "school day." We believe this helps students have a more positive concept of school!

Advent's Before and After School program aims to improve the experience of children requiring extended hours of care as they prepare for their future in God's good creation.

Our monthly rates for 2018-2019 will be as follows:

4-5 days per week monthly rates
Before care, $150
After care, $270
Both before and after care, $360

up to 3 days per week monthly rates, must specify days.
Before care, $85
After care, $205
Both before and after care, $275

For the 2018-2019 school year there is a $50 per child annual registration fee for new students and $35 for returning students.
Click here for Registration Form: Registration Form 2018-2019

Watch for information or e-mail Pastorchrisfranz@gmail.com for updates. 

Click here for the Advent B4/After School Handbook: B4/After School Handbook

Click here for the Advent B4/After School Parent Emergency Plan: Parent Emergency Plan

The handbook and/or the emergency plan may also be downloaded by clicking on the download symbol below for the file.

 Contact Numbers
 B4/After School Program  610-436-0138
 Church Number 610-436-0807
 Pastor Chris @ Home
 610 701-8249
 Pastor Chris Cell
 Ashley Callahan, Director 

Ashley Callahan - Director
 Amara Steel - Coordinator
Joanne Carmella - Staff
Game Room
Game Room


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