Serving & Ministries

We are called to serve in different ways, using the gifts that God has given us.
"There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit."   I Corinthiums 12-4
If you wish to serve in any capacity please contact the church office 610-436-0807
or email at:
Worship Ministry

To assist in worship by lighting/extinguishing altar candles; bringing offering plates forward to ushers; receiving offering plates from usher; leading choir from sanctuary following worship.
Assisting Minister

To assist Pastor(s) in worship with prayers and distribution of communion.
Altar Guild
Altar Guild volunteers prepare the altar for the 10:30 service each week, or the 9:00 service when there is only one service. When Holy Communion is shared, bread, wine and grape juice are setup before worship service and cleanup occurs after worship service. If a baptism occurs, the baptismal font is filled and cleaned. The paraments are changed with the church seasons.

To lead Acolyte(s), Pastor(s), Assisting Minister(s) and Choir into worship by carrying the cross, then lead the recessional at the end of the designated service and feast days.
Lay Readers
To read the assigned Scripture lessons, other than the Gospel Reading, during Sunday worship and other scheduled services.

Powerpoint Operator

To advance the slides projected on the screen throughout the service. 

Soundboard Operator

To monitor and adjust sound levels of vocal and instrumental musical offerings as well as spoke parts of the service.


To greet members and guests as they approach the church entrance.

To greet members and guests in worship; pass out bulletins; receive offering; tidy up church following worship.
Music Ministry

Chancel Choir

In addition to leading liturgy and hymns each Sunday, Chancel Choir members prepare one or two anthems for each 10:30 a.m. worship service, often singing together with a soloist, instrumentalists, and/or the Children's Choir. They also provide additional music for special festive occasions.
Hand bell Choir

Play Preludes, accompany hymns, anthems and solos. Choirchimes may sometimes be used.
Children's Choir


Make an incredibly joyous noise unto the Lord! Sing at many services and add rhythm instruments to some anthems.

Children's Chime Choir

Play the chimes, as scheduled, primarily at the 8 AM service.


Beautify special worship services and, periodically, regular worship services by playing prelude music.


Praise Team

Provide uplifting music to the congregation and deliver the gospel through contemporary Christian music.



Christian Ed Ministry

Confirmation and Small Group Leaders

To assist Pastor(s) with confirmation instruction and learning. Also assist the pastor in teaching the annual First Holy Communion Preparation Saturday Session.


Under the leadership of the Youth Director, children in 6th through 12th grade meet together to deepen their understanding of Jesus’ message, participate in various outreach activities, engage in fellowship and explore increased responsibility in their roles as church members.

Sunday Church School
Childern from Pre-K through 5th grade meet together every Sunday, September through May, to experience the Word through discussion, music and hands-on activities. SCS childern participate in many other special fellowship and outreach events throughout the church year.


Gathering of Women

The Gathering of Women generally attracts 6 - 12 women from thirty-something on up. We have been using a curriculum from the "Lutheran Woman" magazine as a resource and guide to our discussions. Each year has a different focus to our study.


Adult Bible Study

Men and women seek through reading and discussion, gain a deeper understanding of scripture and how it applies to our lives every day.


Woman's Retreat

The annual Women’s Retreat provides our members and community a time of Christian spiritual renewal through Bible study, workshops, lectures, and diverse presentations. The time together also brings a new awareness of Christ in our life through sharing, fellowship, friendship, prayer, hymns, devotions and the opportunity to share our Faith Journey with other sisters in Christ. The shared experience of a Service of Worship to conclude our time together allows us to carry our renewed spirit and faith into our homes and workplace.



Men's Breakfast

Advent’s men meet once per month in Advent's Music Room or an area restaurant for fellowship and refreshment, followed by reflection on either a passage of Scripture, or one or more meditations based on, or referring to, a Scriptural text. In May, men who are interested travel to the Bear Creek Conference Center for a day of pre-season maintenance on those facilities.
Hospitality Ministry
Coffee Hour


Hospitality encompasses a number of initiatives, including our weekly Sunday coffee and refreshments, our Oktoberfest fundraiser, our annual September Kick-off Picnic, and special lunches and meal preparation. Our varied ministries here aim to ensure that Advent is a warm and welcoming environment, providing diverse fellowship opportunities.

Social Caring Ministry


This group meets monthly to sew quilts for the newly-baptized and for those going through a difficult times. 

Salvation Army Food Support

Members sign up to provide a meal for 30 to 40 individuals through the Salvation Army of West Chester, PA, once per month. I would also ADD the Website for the salvation army hear and we collect food weekly for the Chester County Food Bank.

Welcome Bags

Provide information about Advent Lutheran Church for visitors. Volunteers are needed to provide bags and prepare the information to be included in the bags.


Environmental Ministry


The Environmental Ministry provides a resource for members of the congregation to implement environmental-friendly solutions.

Advent is environmentally conscious. In the past several years, all of our heating equipment has been placed with high efficiency natural gas units. Additionally, we partnered with PECO Energy to make use of LED Parking Lot Lighting, and to replace various interior lighting with more efficient options. This reduced our electrical consumption by more than 30%.


Leadership Ministry

Church Council


Represent the congregation in making key decisions on financial and facility or personnel issues. Council communicates with committees and with the congregation through minutes published after each meeting and through semi-annual congregational meetings.
Financial Secretary
The Financial Secretary tracks member pledges and weekly contributions and may assist with the budgeting process. It is important that pledges and contributions are kept confidential.

Finance Committee

To develop the congregation's annual budget to support its mission and monitor spending and income



Evangelism is the act of inviting others to be baptized and to become a member of the church. 

 Mutual Ministry

To support the staff and also to be a sounding board for staff and members when issues arrive.  


Property Ministry

Property Maintenance
Members strive to maintain Advent building and grounds to be attractive and fully functional both in supporting the mission of the congregation and in serving as a gathering place for community groups and service organizations. This ministry makes use of local contractors and the volunteer labors of members. In recent years, much of the interior has been repainted and many improvements have been made to an already modern facility that is handicap accessible.

Meals Ministry
A new unexpected illness or injury...a death in the family. All of us go through times in our lives when there are more immediate concerns than “what’s for dinner?” These are the times when a helping hand is very much appreciated, and a friend providing a meal goes a long way toward making the day easier for someone in need. This is why the services of Advent's new Meal Ministry can provide such a blessing to our fellow Advent members.

Advent has begun this meal ministry through the website  You do not need to register to use the website and anyone can sign up to request a meal for themselves or others.  The website is easy-to-use and self-explanatory.  Once the “event” (time span for the meals) is created, it can be emailed out to a group of people.

Your help can really make a difference for one of our members. If you would be willing to provide a meal on an as-needed basis, please email Amy Nelson (  A master list of those interested, which will be kept (password protected) on the Advent website.  When a person creates a meal event, they can simply copy and paste this list of email addresses. Everyone will be notified and have the opportunity to go to the website and sign up for a day(s).

If you are interested in providing meals, please send an e-mail to Amy, advising her about date availability and, when an event is created, she will contact you. If you are in need of a meal, send an e-mail to Amy Nelson (, giving the date range and details, such as the number of people, food preferences/allergies, etc., and she will create the event for you.