Staff and Leadership

We are each called to serve in different ways, using the gifts that God has given us.  
There are different kinds of gifts, but the same Spirit. – 1 Corinthians 12.4
In today’s world, we face despair, war, hate, revenge and disappointment. Yet, with God, there is joy, peace, love, forgiveness and hope. The congregation of Advent Lutheran Church exists to worship, invite, nurture and serve. By gathering for worship and service, we respond to the challenges of today’s world, providing a community for people to share the joys and sorrows of life. Children and adults grow at Advent, experiencing God’s love as they learn and live out a purpose for their lives in God’s good creation. Together, we are able to accomplish far more than we could alone. We are a positive force in strengthening individuals and families as well as our community. Come share the Spirit at Advent, where all are truly welcome. Discover or rediscover your God-given gifts and abilities. Hear the promise of God’s love again or for the very first time and experience a truly loving and nurturing community of faith. Why do people go to church? I invite you to come to Advent and find out
Chris Franz

I have been a member of Advent Lutheran Church all of my life. While being a member of Advent Youth Group I enjoyed the great opportunities to grow in faith with my friends both in the church, on retreats, confirmation, and many other gatherings both local and national. I am thankful for everything I experienced and feel that being the new Youth Leader here at Advent Lutheran Church allows me to give back and help build the ever growing youth congregation.
Youth Leader
Nathan Offut

Director of Worship and Music
Anita Greenlee
Parish Administrator
Peggy Schmied
Property Manager/Custodian
Charlie Schmied
Volunteer Leadership
Pastor Emeritus
Ralph Peterson
Council President
P.J. McGrath
Council Vice President/Worship and Music Committee Chair
David Offut
Ian James
Youth Council Leader
Tony George
Quilters Director
Barb Seaman
Sunday School
Sue Kreno
Sunday School & KidKonnect
Lisa Storniolo
Appalachian Project/Sr. High Bible Study Leader
Patsy Polilli