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Bent on Better

Hi there, my name is Matt April and I am the voice and personality behind Bent On Better.  I’m a certified personal trainer with strong passion to educate and inspire others to be better in fitness and health. My goal is to be your number one resource for fitness and healthy living, as well as to provide you with the tools to succeed in your weight loss goals, fitness goals, or healthy living goals.


What is Bent On Better?

To be “bent” on something is to be extremely focused on or have a strong inclination or interest in it; a special inclination or capacity.  So, to be Bent On Better, you have strong inclination, interest, or capacity to be better.

There are three main pillars to Bent On Better, Health, Fitness & Wellness..


Health and nutrition are very important components to any life goals, whether your goal is to be an athlete, to achieve weight loss, to overcome a disease*, or just live a long and prosperous life. A healthy relationship with food means not avoiding major food groups, no quick fix diets, no magic potions or miracle supplements. At Bent On Better, the belief is that through proper nutrition and exercises that fit your lifestyle, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.


Our lives are just an extension of our fitness levels. With Bent On Better fitness training, everything is based around functional fitness for weight loss and for improved everyday life. The goal is to not only have you performing regular daily activities, such as standing up, taking the stairs, running with your kids, etc., without feeling like you just participated in an Iron Man Marathon, but to also to help you regain your health and vitality. Lose weight, feel good about your fitness, feel comfortable in your own body, and feel confident in your own skin.


Enjoying and savoring life’s moments. You have one life to live, we have to make the best of it. Along with the right nutrition for your goals and proper fitness for your life, we need to take care of your mental wellness.

For more information on Bent on Better click here: http://www.bentonbetter.com